Make Cami Secrets

Great under suits and low-cut shirts, a camisole helps you cover up!

Cami Secrets are a fashionable way to cover up the decolletage when wearing low-cut tops and dresses. The concept is a take on the old-fashioned dickie, which is a portion of fabric that doesn’t extend all the way under the shirt. You can mimic a camisole under your shirt by creating your own camisole dickie. You will create a pattern first so that you can make endless camisole dickies in any fabric and lace or ribbon combination you choose. Does this Spark an idea?


Create Your Pattern

1. Measure the distance from one bra strap to the other, as far up as you will want your camisole to display.

2. Draw a straight line using a ruler on a sheet of newspaper, measuring the same length as determined in Step 1.

3. Draw two straight lines down and on an angle approximately 10 inches from the ends of the first line you drew, creating a wedge shape with a gap of about 4 inches at the bottom. Connect the ends of the two lines.

4. Cut out your wedge-shaped pattern and place it on top of your fabric.

5. Cut your fabric following the outline of the pattern.

Add Trim and Fasteners

6. Sew or glue your lace along the top, longest edge of your camisole dickie. Trim any excess.

7. Sew or glue the lingerie guards (satin ribbon with snaps on each end) where the lace ends.

8. Place your finished camisole dickie on your chest and attach the ends to your bra straps with the satin snaps. Add your low-cut shirt and make any needed adjustments.

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