Make Cheap Paintball Bunkers

Paintball is one of the fastest-growing games in America. Players fire paint-filled plastic balls at each other with guns powered by carbon dioxide in contests featuring various scenarios. A paintball game can be as simple as Capture the Flag with two small teams or as complicated as a war reenactment with dozens of people. One aspect of most games is the paintball bunker. A bunker is a place of shelter that players use to protect themselves from being shot by the opposing team’s paintballs.


1. Select a location for your bunkers before beginning construction. This is an important consideration, as an assembled bunker will be heavy and difficult to move. Choose a fairly level location and remove any leaves, debris, or large branches from the area.

2. Construct paintball bunkers by standing two wooden pallets on their ends. Ask assistance from another person to help support the pallets, as they may be heavy. Contact local manufacturing and shipping companies to obtain free pallets. Oftentimes old or slightly damaged wooden pallets can be obtained free of charge if you are willing to haul them off-site.

3. Place a third wooden pallet upright and along the end of the first two pallets to form three sides of a box. Nail the pallets together with 3-inch or 4-inch nails and a hammer. Securely attach the pallets together so they will not easily come apart during game play.

4. Place a fourth pallet on top of the three pallets to form a roof for the bunker. This pallet should be laid flat on top of the three pallet walls to form a roof. Nail the pallet to the three support pallets with nails.

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5. Construct additional bunkers as needed to complete the paintball playing field. Consider building larger bunkers or adding variety to the playing field by adding an extra pallet to one side.