Make Custom Jerseys

Custom jerseys add a fun way to personalize any recreational or competitive sporting activity. For use in any sporting activity, from bowling leagues to non-competitive softball leagues, designing a jersey can add a degree of personalization where you can place your own logo and artwork.


1. Decide how much you want to design. Just a shirt can be all that you need, although you may choose to design pants and a hat, for instance, for a recreational softball league.

2. Determine a color scheme if relevant to your sporting activity. For instance, a bowling shirt would not require one, while full-fledged softball uniforms with pants and hat would differentiate players from opposing teams.

3. Create a team name for your jersey. Use a place or personal reference for you and your friends/teammates, or use the name of your sponsor.

4. Design a logo for your jersey. You are able to upload a custom creation for use on a jersey, or most custom jersey-related sites have clip art for use.

5. Order personalized jerseys for your teammates or those participating with you in your sporting activity. Matching softball uniforms or bowling shirts for your next league allow you and your friends to compete and have fun at a reasonable price.

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