Make Darts For Blowgun Hunting

Blowguns have been an effective hunting tool for hundreds of years, and some are still used in their traditional form today by many tribes across the rain forest regions of South America. Blowgun darts are known to be more effective than arrows because of their easy construction and rate of fire, in fact blowgun darts can reach speeds in excess of 400 feet per second and are easily retrievable and re-useable. Blowgun dart construction is a very simple process, and with a few basic instructions anyone can create blowgun darts for hunting.


1. Use a material that can be sharpened to a fine point such as bone or hardwood (for example, bamboo). These materials can be made light and durable for multiple use.

2. With a rough rock or sharpening stone, sharpen the material to a fine circular shape that will fit inside the hollow of the blowgun, allowing a slight space around the diameter of the projectile around 1/16 of an inch. Scrape and grind the material while rotating it in your hand to form a smooth circular exterior.

3. Sharpen the tip to a fine point, enough to prick your finger with light pressure, then apply grease from animal fat. Bacon grease is fine to use.

4. Attach a one-inch long tuft of rabbit hair or frayed feathers to the thick end of the dart by using glue made from pine pitch or sap. Wrap the tuft around the dart and secure with glue or tie with animal sinew.

5. Allow the darts to dry for a few days and then test their efficiency by firing the blow gun.

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