Make Free Birthday Flyer Invitations

Save cash by making your own birthday flyers.

Many people throw birthday parties to celebrate life and give thanks to family and friends for helping them survive another year. But birthday parties — even the simple ones — can still cost a lot of money. Big items like food, entertainment and venue can strain a budget, but small items like decorations, party favors and invitation cards can also cost a fortune. The good news is you can save a bit of cash by making your own birthday flyer invitations. If you have a computer, printer and cardstock, you’re set to create customized birthday invitation flyers for next to nothing. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Decide what information you wish to include on your flyer. Your flyer invitation should include your name, the time and location of the party and how guests should RSVP. If you have booked a special DJ or entertainment act, put this information on the flyer so guests know what to expect. If your party has a theme or dress code, include this information so guests can dress appropriately.

2. Open a new document on your word processing program. Some programs have templates that you can use as a guide. If you prefer to use a template, select the “templates” option and then select “invitation.” This will give you a guide to create your birthday flyer invitation.

3. Click on “File” then “Page Setup” to change the size of your page. Click “Paper Size” and choose the size you would like your flyer to be, such as “4 x 6 inches.”

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4. Change the background color by selecting “Format” then “Background.” Choose a favorite color or your birthstone’s color as the background color for your flyer.

5. Select the font you wish to use by selecting “Format” then “Font.” Your font choice should be bold and easy to read. Type your text on to your invite. Experiment with the style and look of the text by changing the color and size. Include a bold title to grab the reader’s attention, such as “Britney’s Big Birthday Bash.”

6. Add an image to your flyer. Select “Insert” and “Picture.” Use a generic clip art image such as a birthday cake or balloons, or you can use your own picture. Make sure your photo file is saved in your computer or in an external device that you can plug into your computer.

7. Add a border to your invitation by selecting “Format” and “Borders.” Proofread your birthday flyer invitation for any typos. Ask a friend or family member to read your text to ensure you did not forget any important detail.

8. View your flyer in print preview mode. If you are happy with how it looks, load your printer with your chosen cardstock. Print a single flyer out to see how the finished product looks like. When you are satisfied with your flyer, print out your desired number of copies.