Make Gun Grips

Gun grips will improve your accuracy by enabling you to make a steadier shot.

Grip is everything in shooting. If the gun slips, then you will misfire. This is a particular problem if you are shooting in warm weather or for an extended time, as sweat will make it doubly difficult to hold onto the smooth sides of the gun. Make sure you get a steady shot every time by placing slip-proof gun grips onto your firearm. By simply making a trip to your hardware store and using a little do-it-yourself spirit, you can make a good pair of gun grips at an economical price.


1. To protect your work surface, place down some newspaper. Taking your Phillip’s screwdriver, remove the gun grips that are on either side of the gun’s butt.

2. Using the rotary drill, rough up your gun grip so it will be better able to take the coating that you will be applying. Set each grip on either a shoebox or a glass jar, or whatever you have to keep it up and away from the newspaper. Two rulers between a pair of boxes will also work well.

3. Apply the rubber paste to the top and the sides of your gun grips, giving them a good, even coat. Using the side of a pencil or pen, even out the sides. You can use a knife if you like, just anything that will make the surface smooth and even out the bumps.

4. Once the rubber paste is set, you can score it a pattern with a razor or leave it as is. Once this is dry, coat it with a spray-paint finish to give it a nice sheen.

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5. Repeat this process for a desired level of additional thickness. Attach the grip to the gun.