Make Guns Out Of Balloons


Making balloon animals is a fun way to entertain kids at a child’s birthday party. But if you have lots of little boys around, they may prefer a toy balloon gun to a cute balloon puppy dog. A toy balloon gun is easy to make and will provide the little ones with hours of entertainment and play.


1. Inflate one balloon by pinching the end of the balloon and blowing through it. Leave 1 to 2 inches at the end of the balloon to allow room for air to flow while you are twisting it. If you don’t leave any extra space, the balloon is likely to pop. Tie off the balloon.

2. Fold the balloon near the nozzle end and twist it 2 to 3 times. This creates a lock twist. This section close to the nozzle will be the handle of the gun.

3. Gently pinch the balloon about 5 inches from the handle. Twist the balloon once, and fold one end over the other. You should now have a downward-facing loop.

4. Pinch and twist the balloon again about 4 inches from the first loop. This will make another small loop. Straighten out the balloon so that both loops are facing the ground. When the handles, or loops, are in line, your balloon gun is complete.

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