Make Homemade Ghillie Suits

Ghillie suits are designed to be the best personal camouflage in the world, using a three-dimensional camouflaging technique to mask the outline of the human figure and employing materials from the surrounding environment to help the suit blend completely into the landscape. Military personnel have access to specialized materials and equipment, but for civilians who want a ghillie suit, the most practical course is to make your own.


1. Use needle and thread to attach the cargo netting to the suit. If you will be crawling around, attach netting only to the back of the jacket and legs. Attach them randomly; a ghillie suit benefits from an uneven silhouette.

2. Wrap netting over your helmet or hat as well, attaching it with glue.

3. Attach the canvas or burlap strips to the netting and suit. Because the purpose of the suit is to blend into the chaos of a natural environment, attach the strips randomly.

4. Use different lengths and different colors for added benefit. Strips hanging from the helmet can be beneficial in obscuring your face, but make sure they do not interfere with your vision.

5. Stuff natural foliage into the netting of your suit when you reach the area where you will be hiding. Use leaves, branches and grass, holding them in place with the straps of the cargo netting.

6. Take special care to obscure your head area, since the head and shoulders are an easily identifiable silhouette. Make the brush sticks out from the suit to break up your outline.

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