Make Homemade Paintball Bunkers

Paintball is a fun and easy sport to play. Whether you are in an organized league with a team, or you play recreationally with friends, here is a list of more than 25 ways to make homemade paintball bunkers. All you need is a little bit of determination, imagination and a desire to have fun. With these qualities your homemade paintball bunker could easily become a homemade paintball fort.


Make Homemade Paintball Bunkers

1. Put on pair of gloves.

2. Use your shovel to dig a hole in the ground that you can use to hide in. Before you start to dig, make sure that you have permission to dig into the land. Place the dirt that you have dug up in front of and on the sides of your hole so it creates a dirt mound. This mound will serve as a wall of protection from opponent fire. Also this will create the illusion that the hole you have dug is deeper than it actually is.

3. Get out your local phone book and call around to places that may have additional items that can help turn your homemade bunker into a full-size fort. A junkyard or specialty shop are great places to start. Call and ask an associate if they have any leftovers or waste, unusable or unsellable products that they were just going to throw out. If they have an item available, ask if you can have it for free, in return for taking it off their hands. This will save them time, space and money. Some items that you could use as homemade bunkers are tires, plastic or wooden shipping pallets, 55-gallon drums, bushes, wood, sheet metal (or tin), trees, bales of hay, wire spools, picnic tables, refrigerator boxes, milk crates, truck caps, calf huts, ice fishing shanty, plywood, Plexiglas, old refrigerators, old junk cars, old junk campers, old doors, old garage doors and old cabinets.

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4. Use your found supplies and your imagination to turn your original homemade paintball bunker into a homemade paintball fort. Have fun and be safe.