Make Money Automatically In “Runescape”

RuneScape” is an online role-playing game created by Jagex. Although a portion of the game is free to play, paying members have access to a larger playing area, more skills and expanded skills. “RuneScape” does not provide ways to get large amounts of money automatically. You can earn money by making items and selling them and by fighting monsters for their drops. The Businesses and Services community provides employment opportunities, so you can make money by working.


Join a Business

1. Log in to “RuneScape.” Go to the Businesses and Services Directory forum post. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click next to see the second page of the post.

2. Go to the fourth post on that page that lists the RuneScape Employment Agency. Select and copy the company thread and paste it in the “Jump to Thread” box at the top of the page.

3. Review the application rules and copy the “Need Work Form.” Past this form into a new post and complete it. Post the form and check back to see if a business is interested in hiring you.

Start a Business

4. Choose a skill that you are good at or an item that is in demand that you can acquire.

5. Go to the Businesses and Services forum. Create a post for your business that includes the business name and the service or item you supply.

6. Post an application in the Businesses and Services Directory to advertise in the directory so customers can find you.

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