Make Movie Grade Armor

What was once a necessity in battle has become a passion to recreate and participate in those armors of ancient, modern and futuristic worlds.

If you love movies and have a passion to recreate elements of the movies in real life–especially costumes and armor seen in sci-fi, fantasy or action movies–you can take a number of possible routes. Let your imagination run wild: methods exist to make just about everything you see characters wear in film. Your average movie goer can’t spend a fortune on movie armor, but you can find affordable ways of bringing your dreams to life.


1. The first step to making your armor is making your plans.

Download blueprints for armor onto a computer, then print them out directly on the heavyweight cardstock. Referencing the blueprints on the computer, start the cutting, folding and gluing process on the cardstock to match the shapes of armor seen on the blueprints onscreen. The armor created during this process will come in sections, which you will attach together to form the armor as a whole.

2. The paper now takes shape and begins to resemble, in form, the finished product.

Cover the inside and outside of pieces, one at a time, with a coating of aqua resin. Each coat should take an hour to dry. Add one or two layers of fiberglass, brushed on with resin, to the inner layer only of the armor piece.

3. The final stage requires painting, recommended to be spray paint as it is easier to apply.

Put one coat of primer on the armor; after this dries, apply a coat of silver paint; after this dries, apply the color of choice. When the paint dries, fit on the armor sections on body and use buckles and velcro to hold the sections of armor together and in place. After the buckles and velcro have been finally put in place, observe spaces between the armor and one’s body and take note of them. Remove the velcro and buckles and take apart the armor. Now take pieces of foam padding and glue in places where spaces were felt between the armor and body. After the foam has been glued in place, and after it dries, put on the armor again with vecro and buckles, and note other areas where you can feel spaces between armor and body. Continue this process until the armor fits snugly and comfortably.

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