Make My Airsoft Gun Quiet

Use a water bottle cap to silence your Airsoft gun.

Airsoft guns shoot 6mm pellets called BBs. The sound can be quite loud depending on your model of Airsoft gun. There are three different types of Airsoft guns. They are automatic electric guns (AEG), gas-powered or spring-powered. With a plastic dummy silencer, you can quiet an Airsoft gun with a few other household materials, such as tape, cotton balls and a water bottle.


1. Cut the top off the water bottle, starting at the base of the bottle opener where the cap attaches to the mouthpiece. Unscrew the squirt cap so you just have the plastic mouthpiece.

2. Remove any plastic pieces left over from the cap and then sand down the mouthpiece until it’s smooth with sandpaper.

3. Wrap tape around the end piece of your Airsoft gun’s barrel, then fit your bottle cap tightly on the end. You may have to wrap the tape several times depending on the size of the bottle cap.

4. Clear out the squirt cap from any obstructions and use the box cutter to create a larger circle at the end of the bottle cap. Water bottle caps often have little flaps to keep water from spilling out of the top. Cut these out with a pair of scissors. Your BB pellets need to pass through the top of the squirt cap without any plastic in the way.

5. Cut off the end of the fake silencer and remove the inner tube from the outer tube. Using an electric drill, drill 10 holes on both sides of the inner tube, making sure the holes line up across from each another. Sand down the outside of the inner tube to remove any excess plastic.

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6. Wrap sandpaper around the pencil and sand inside the inner tubes until no excess plastic is left.

7. Wrap the cotton balls around the inner tube, covering all the holes, then twist the inner tube back inside the outer tube, pushing the inner tube inside, being careful to keep the cotton in place.

8. Push the squirt cap inside the silencer end with the squirt side inverted. Make sure the cap is on straight, then tape the two together with black tape. Attach the cap side of the silencer onto your Airsoft gun.