Make My Paintball Gun Fully Automatic

Make My Paintball Gun Fully Automatic

A fully automatic paintball gun provides you with a huge advantage in a paintball game. It allows you to shoot paintballs at a much greater rate of fire than a semi-automatic paintball gun. This can help you pin down the opponents and get shots off faster than they can. Turning your paintball gun from semi-automatic to automatic is a simple process that will greatly improve your paintball game.


1. Remove the stock trigger frame grip from the paintball gun. On most guns, two Allen screws hold the trigger frame to the body of the gun. Unscrew these and gently pull the frame away from the gun. Replace with an electric trigger frame, making sure to line up the internal parts of the gun with those of the trigger frame. Replace the two screws removed earlier.

2. Put an electric hopper on the feed neck of the paintball gun. Electric hoppers agitate the paintballs, which are then fed into the paintball gun. These electric hoppers are necessary to sustain high rates of fire.

3. Replace your CO2 tank with a compressed air tank. Compressed air is much more efficient and consistent. This will help you maintain a high rate of fire. Simply screw the compressed air tank into the air receptacle located on the bottom of the trigger frame.

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