Make My Paintball Marker Shoot Straight

Paintball markers must be properly maintained.

Paintball is a challenging sport that involves firefights among friends using specially designed air guns, called markers, which shoot balls of paint. An entire industry caters to the legions of paintball enthusiasts, including marker manufacturers, specialty shops and paintball-specific instructional courses. Your time spent playing paintball, however, can become frustrating if your paintball marker is not shooting straight. So apply multiple techniques to ensure your marker won’t miss the target.


1. Squeegee your barrel. Place the squeegee into the barrel, plug end first. Rotate the squeegee by 90 degrees and then pull it out slowly. This should remove debris such as dirt or broken paintballs from your barrel. Next, insert the cloth end of the squeegee into the barrel. Push the squeegee down the barrel and then back out. The removal of debris will ensure your marker will shoot straighter.

2. Ensure your marker is firing at the correct air pressure as stated in your marker‘s owner’s manual. Too much pressure, and the balls will break and be unstable, too little and the balls will immediately fall upon leaving the barrel. If your tank does not have a pressure gauge, you should take your marker to an airsmith. He will be able to quickly test the air pressure on your marker and make necessary adjustment.

3. Take apart your marker. Clean each component thoroughly with a clean cloth. Place a drop of oil on each component and lubricate it with paintball marker oil. Make sure the oil is specifically for paintball markers, as other oils can damage your marker’s components. Use a clean cloth to rub the oil thoroughly into each component. Markers must be maintained to ensure continued accuracy. Consult your marker’s manual for any marker-specific instructions for cleaning and oiling.

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