Make Paintball Assault Vehicles

PAV under construction

Many larger paintball courses allow the limited use of Paintball Assault Vehicles (PAVs) during tournaments and special events. There are typically strict rules on their use, including speed limits, a requirement that they be used primarily to get from one place top another, and prohibitions on running other players down. A well-built assault vehicle can turn the tide of an encounter, while a poor one makes you a big target.


1. Build a square box frame around the passenger cab of the golf cart using the 2x4s. Make sure it is properly seated and attached to the cart, as your armor plates will be attached to this frame rather than directly to the plastic of the cart.

2. Prepare at least three plywood armor sheets by cutting out windows large enough from which to see and shoot. Make sure the front window is large enough to drive through.

3. Camouflage both sides of the armor sheets with spray paint and allow them to dry for at least 30 minutes.

4. Use the drill to screw together the front armor sheet as well as the quarter-inch plastic to create a windshield for the front.

5. Attach armor sheets to the front and sides of the PAV frame, leaving the rear for entry.

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