Make Paintball Bunkers Out Of Wood

Bunkers can be a fun addition to your paintball field. These bunkers will provide you with a strategic advantage over the other team by giving you protection and cover. Bunkers can come in all shapes and sizes and should vary across your paintball field. Before building any bunkers in the woods, make sure that you have permission from the owner of the property. Also, have a friend assist you since wood can be heavy.


1. Locate a portion of your paintball field that is flat with thick, sturdy trees. A flat area is safer to build on and thick trees are necessary to support your bunker. Also, remove any stones or branches that are on the ground in this location.

2. Cut your plywood to different lengths. Make sure the size of the plywood is at least two feet wide by three feet tall. The amount of plywood that you should buy is contingent on the number of bunkers you want.

3. Hammer the plywood to the base of the trees using long, heavy-duty nails. Try to attach each end to different trees to increase the stability of the bunker. Also, use at least five nails on each tree. You do not want the plywood to fall over on someone.

4. Attach the two-inch cutter drill bit to the drill. Make sure to read the manufacturer directions so that it is safely attached. Drill several holes in the plywood at varying heights. This will allow you to place the barrel of you paintball gun through the bunker so that you can shoot the opposing team without revealing yourself.

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