Make Polar Kebbit Clothing On Runescape

Make Polar Kebbit Clothing on RuneScape

Polar kebbits populate the high mountainous regions in the “RuneScape” multiplayer online video game. Players with the hunter skill often track down these creatures in order to sell their fur on the marketplace. Anyone in the game who obtains this fur, either by purchasing it from the market or hunting kebbits, can transform the fur into polar camouflage armor that makes the wearer harder to locate in snowy regions. Polar camouflage armor also offers decent protection against ranged and crushing damage.


1. Travel to the Fancy Clothes Shop in southeastern Varrock. The shopkeeper, Asyff Bymajique, can transform your furs into polar kebbit clothing for a fee.

2. Select the Polar Camo Top from Asyff’s list of available items. Asyff requires two of your polar kebbit furs and 20 gold pieces for this item.

3. Select the Polar Camo Legs from the list. The legs also require two furs and 20 gold pieces.

4. Click “OK” to complete the transaction. Your furs will disappear, and the two polar camo items appear in your inventory for use in the polar regions of “RuneScape.”

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