Make Scratch Repairs On A Gun Stock

Make Scratch Repairs on a Gun Stock

Even if you’re careful, your gun stock can become scratched, making the gun look worn and tired. Owning a gun means taking responsibility for its care, so knowing care for the stock is essential.

Always make sure your gun is not loaded before attempting any repairs or maintenance.


1. Wipe the stock several times with a paper towel that has been moistened with vinegar. This removes oils from your hands and built-up dirt. Let the stock dry completely.

2. Moisten a cloth with G96 hi-speed linseed oil and gently rub into the stock in a circular motion. The linseed oil will begin to fill in the scratches in the stock.

3. Repeat Step 2 but with more linseed oil on your cloth. Use more in scratched areas of the gun stock to allow the oil to build up. With each application, you will see the scratches disappear.

4. Wipe off excess after allowing the rifle to sit overnight.

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