Make Semiauto Airsoft Guns Into Fullauto

Make Semi-Auto Airsoft Guns Into Full-Auto

Electric operated airsoft guns do not shoot any faster than those that must be cocked manually between each shot. You can adapt an electric operated airsoft gun so that it will fire automatically. You will only need a few hardware tools and less than an hour to remove the two limiter brackets from beneath the sliding panel that slows the reloading process of the airsoft gun. The airsoft gun will now be able to fire repeatedly once the trigger is depressed.


1. Push down the magazine release lever on the left side of the airsoft gun’s handle. Pull out the magazine that holds the BB’s from out of the bottom of the gun’s handle. Place the magazine aside for later.

2. Pull back on the sliding panel on the top of the gun to cock the firing mechanism. Aim the barrel of the gun at the bottom of the trash can. Press the trigger to verify that there is no BB inside of the airsoft gun.

3. Put the newspaper down on the table. Put the airsoft gun down on the newspaper on its right side with the barrel facing to the left.

4. Remove the two screws from the side of the airsoft gun using the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the two screws from the handle using the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screw from the top edge of the barrel and from the back edge of the hammer using the Phillips screwdriver.

5. Insert the tip of the utility knife beneath the gun stock. Wiggle the tip to loosen the gun stock. Remove the gun stock with your fingers.

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6. Turn the airsoft gun over to the other side. Remove the screws and the gun stock in the similar fashion as was just done.

7. Remove the single screw that is at the top of the gun at the very back, just in front of the hammer with the Phillips screwdriver.

8. Pull off the sliding panel from the top of the gun. Place the sliding panel aside.

9. Push the thin, black metal limiter plate that is now revealed at the top side of the airsoft gun towards the barrel using the tip of the utility knife. Continue pushing until the thin, black metal plate falls off of the airsoft gun.

10. Repeat this procedure with the thin, black metal limiter plate on the other side of the gun.

11. Reattach the sliding panel to the top of the airsoft gun.

12. Reattach the two parts of the airsoft gun back together. Reattach the gun stocks to both sides. Reassemble the screws.

13. Reinsert the magazine into the gun’s handle until it clicks into position.