Make Soap Markers

Soap markers, also known as soap bar stamps, are used to mark an impression on the soap and add a customized touch of personalization to the soap. You can create monogram soap by stamping your initials on it or mark your name or logo on the soap using a soap marker. It is best to make a stamp marker with a simple design that can be easily engraved onto the wood. A well engraved design will make the soap marker more effective when stamping the design on the soap.


1. Determine what type of design you want to create with your soap marker. Choose a design with simple lines that will be easy to engrave when pressing the marker on the soap.

2. Get a sturdy piece of wood at least 2 inches thick to create a wooden block that is square shaped or rectangular shaped. Estimate the measurements based on the size of your design and the soap you will mark the design on. Cut out the wooden block using a hand saw. A block that is 3 by 3 inches or 4 by 2 inches is a suitable size for a typical soap stamp marker.

3. Sketch or print the design onto paper. Put a carbon paper sheet over the block where you will carve the design on the block of wood. Place the paper with the design facing you over the carbon paper and the block.

4. Use a pencil to trace over the design and shade in any areas to produce a carbon paper mark of the design onto the block.

5. Use a rubber stamp with a wooden handle to form the handle of the soap marker. Use permanent wood glue and press the top side of the wooden block to the base of the rubber stamp to fasten the handle to the block.

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6. Use your wood carving chisel tools to carve out the wood in the areas around the carbon copied design on the block so that the design protrudes from the wood by at least 1/4 inch. Smooth the wood with the carved design using sand paper.