Make The Wheel On A Six Gun Spin

Revolver cylinders should be able to spin freely during loading.

A six gun, more commonly known as a revolver because of the revolving cylinder that holds its bullets, is a classic type of firearm that’s often associated with the American West. Though the six gun is a very durable style of gun, the component parts and pieces must work together smoothly. For this reason, it’s good to make sure the cylinder (the wheel in the six gun) spins freely on the axle.


1. Press the switch that releases the cylinder. On modern revolvers, this switch is located on the left side of the gun. You should be able to push it with your thumb while holding the gun in the firing position.

2. Press on the cylinder from the right side with your left hand while the switch is held down. The cylinder should swing out on a lever arm and hang free.

3. While holding the gun in your right hand, press the thumb of your left hand against the cylinder. Spin the cylinder. It should spin freely when you move your thumb.

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