Make Wooden Gun Racks

Making wooden gun racks is relatively easy.

Wooden gun racks allow a gun enthusiast to display his favorite rifle or shotgun collection and can add a rustic touch to a room’s d cor. You can easily make a wooden gun rack customized to your taste by choosing from a variety of woods and designing it to fit the room’s theme.


1. Develop a plan for a gun rack. Consider how many guns the rack should hold and the type of pattern you prefer for the rifle slots. The layout can be designed in many ways. However, the right side slots should be 1-inch higher than the left side in order for the rifle barrels to rest level.

2. Cut out the side panels according to the design chosen using a band saw, coping saw or rotary saw. Sand the rack to ensure a smooth surface.

3. Attach the side panels to the three 1-inch by 2-inch by 22 ½-inch braces using wood screws on each end. The braces should be at the top, center and bottom of the side panels to provide appropriate support. Attach the 1/8-inch by 2-foot by 4-foot backboard and nail it into place with brads.

4. Finish the rack by painting or staining to your preference. The rack is ready to hang by fastening to the wall using a couple of the braces.

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