Make Your Goggles Antifog

See Clearly no Matter What the Weather

Nothing is worse than having your protective goggles fog up as you are trying to stay the course and remain safe. There are many products on the market that work well as anti-fog coatings and even more expensive pre-treated anti-fog goggles you can buy. However, you can easily make your own anti-fog coating for pennies that will work on all types of goggles except swimming or underwater ones.


1. Peel the end of your potato, about 1 to 2 inches is enough. Leave enough skin on the potato so you can firmly hold it.

2. If you have used your goggles before, clean the lenses with water and a soft cloth. Then let them dry before proceeding.

3. Rub the peeled potato on both sides of the surface of your lenses. Completely cover the lens surface. The film from the potato will become your anti-fog coating.

4. Set the goggles aside and let them dry. This will usually take about twenty minutes to an hour.

5. Using a clean, soft cloth (lens cloth or a piece of t-shirt), buff the lenses until you can see through them clearly.

6. Repeat this process every two to three weeks to ensure that the anti-fog coating on your goggles remains in good condition. Wash and dry the lenses of your goggles first before reapplying the potato film.

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