Make Your Own Paintball Gear

Paintball is a popular recreational sport. Whether it be in an arena or sport field, or in the woods, the sport demands a good bit of gear and most of it isn’t cheap. Thankfully, virtually everything a paintballer might need, except for the actual gun and ammunition, can be converted from military surplus and other sporting gear.


The Face Mask

1. Buy a hockey mask. The mask itself does not need to be very rugged to repel paintballs, so even a Jason Vorhees costume mask will do, but a real sports hockey mask would be best, as the straps will last longer.

2. Use the tape measure, drill, and coping saw to create an aperture for the safety goggles. Measure the required opening, mark it, drill holes at the corners, and saw the mask open with the coping saw.

3. Saw away the edges of the hockey mask, so that a boonie hat or skull cap can be worn in addition to the mask.

4. Paint the mask in a camouflage pattern with a flat enamel.

Battle Dress

5. Go to the Army surplus store. Buy camouflage clothing, army boots, combat webbing, a skull cap and a boonie hat.

6. Take a rag. It should either be green already, or should be dyed green. Cut it into strips with a pair of scissors, and then sew it to the boonie hat for a “ghillie suit” like effect. This can be worn for woodland paintball games. For paintball arena or sport field games, wear the skullcap instead.

7. Arrange the combat webbing and acquire whatever additional gear you might need. An arena or sport field game will only need pockets for balls and CO2 cartridges. A woodland game will need at least those, as well as a water bottle.