Make Your Own Paintball Package

A woodsballer.

Paintball comes in two basic styles. First is woodsball, the military-style game that takes place in rolling fields and woodlots. Then there is the arena-style speedball, which takes place on a sports field with inflated or erected obstacles providing cover. The assembly of a proper playing package for either game heavily overlaps, and making your own package for either or both is relatively straightforward.


1. Select camouflage clothing for the package. Woodsball wear needs to be in camouflage colors, and while a speedball outfit does not need to be, it is best to go camo anyway so that the same suit can be used in both games.

2. Choose clothing like long-sleeved shirts that will help you cover the maximum amount of skin. It might get hot under there, but it is better to be a little sweaty than to lose some skin to a close-range paintball hit. Don’t forget gloves to protect the hands.

3. Take a hockey mask or costume Jason mask and cut holes on both sides of the eyes, near the temples. These slits are for admitting the strap of the safety goggles, so that you can create one seamless face protector akin to the standard paintball mask. Be aware that the round breathing holes of a hockey mask might still admit a paintball, so you should consider covering them by gluing a thin layer of gauze to the inside of the mask.

4. Paint this mask in camouflage colors.

Most of them are white or off-white, and will stand out on a woodsball field.

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5. Combine the mask created in Step 3 with a light toboggan and bush hat to protect the ears.

6. Choose and purchase your paintball gun. This is the core of your package‘s offense, and finding the right weapon is important if you want to succeed.

7. Acquire combat webbing from an Army-Navy store, a butt pack, or some other handy carrying bag. You need something for storing ammunition that can be easily retrieved in a tight situation, so backpacks won’t do.

8. Consider additional weapons, if allowed by the rules. There are plenty of extra paintball weapons that can be made at home, and some of them are very easy. For example, you can make your own paintball grenades by filling a balloon with nontoxic paint.