Make Your Own Rugby Polo

Make Your Own Rugby Polo

Nothing gives you the look of a strapping young rugby lad like a striped-and-collared rugby polo. A custom-made or store-bought rugby polo can cost you a pretty penny. With a basic collared polo shirt and a couple of household tools, you can personalize your own polo without draining all the money out of your wallet, and still look ready to jump into the scrum of a real rugby union game.


1. Place the ironing board inside your polo so only the front side of your polo is on top of the board.

2. Iron small logo patch onto the left chest of your polo shirt, an inch diagonally below the shirt collar. Turn the iron off and let the patch cool.

3. Keeping the ironing board inside your polo shirt, flip the polo over so the back of it is now on top of the ironing board.

4. Turn the iron back on and iron letters across the top of the back of the polo, and iron the number–or numbers–onto the middle back of the polo. Let the patches cool before wearing.

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