Make Your Paintball Gun Automatic


Paintball guns come in all varieties and can cost as little as $30 to well over $1,000. Sometimes, however, players need additional firepower on the playing field. With an automatic paintball marker players can lay down more cover fire to help their time advance on their opponents. Making a paintball gun automatic can, depending on the model, be a very simple and fruitful process.


1. Determine if your paintball gun capable of automatic fire. Not all types of paintball guns can be made to fire in fully automatic. Ensure that you know the exact model and brand of your paintball gun. In general, most higher end guns will be simpler to convert to fully automatic while less expensive guns will be more difficult or require you to purchase more equipment.

2. Determine whether your paintball gun has different firing modes. Many of the more expensive electric guns can change to a fully automatic firing mode by simply opening the grips and changing the settings. Many of the mid-range and upper-range paintball guns have LED lights to allow the user to switch to a different firing mode. Some of the most expensive guns even have LCD screens. If this is the case then checking the manual that came with the gun will show you change modes.

3. Don’t be afraid to buy some extra equipment for your paintball gun. Many Tippmann guns such as the Tippmann 98 Custom, A5, and X7 can acquire automatic firing abilities by purchasing a response trigger kit or E-grip. Both the E-grip and the response trigger kit can be bought online or at a local paintball store. Installation can be very simple and some paintball stores may even install for free if you buy from them.

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