Make Your Stampede Nerf Gun Shoot Faster

The Nerf Stampede is a battery powered, fully automatic blaster that uses air pressure to fire foam darts at targets. This Nerf gun has a built-in shield and can lay down serious suppressive fire, making the Stampede a great choice in a Nerf battle. Right out of the box, the Stampede has a respectable rate of fire, but sometimes respectable just isn’t enough. By increasing the voltage of the batteries, you will have your Nerf Stampede hurling darts all over the battlefield even faster.


1. Open the battery sled of the Stampede and remove any old batteries that may be present.

2. Place all four 3.7 volt lithium ion batteries into the 4-AA battery holder.

3. Place the battery holder into the bottom slot in the battery sled onto one of the positive connections.

4. The battery holder should have a black wire attached to the end of the casing. Attach this wire inside the coil of the closest negative connection inside the battery sled.

5. Reattach the battery sled to the Nerf Stampede.

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