Miami Gun Shops

Nearly 40 percent of Americans own a gun.

In its May 2001, Reason Magazine reported that 39 percent of Americans and 46 percent of Southerners owned a gun. Coupled with U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, this means that between 7 million and 8.5 million Floridians own guns. The same numbers indicate that more than 105,000 Miami residents are gun owners.

Charlie’s Armory Guns and Ammo

Charles Berrane, a 20-year veteran of the firearms industry, owns Charlie’s Armory. He has been an instructor, salesman, importer and distributor, and is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Charlie’s Armory carries all brand names and will buy, sell and trade firearms. The store has customers from all parts of the firearm world, including law enforcement officers and gun show attendees. The store prides itself on meeting specific needs, and 20 percent of Berrane’s business comes in the form of special orders.

In addition to firearms, Charlie’s Armory carries armor and TASERs, and offers classes on everything from selecting a weapon to handling, discharging and cleaning it safely.

Pantera Guns and Guitars

If you’re searching for a rock n’ roll gun shop, look no further than Pantera Guns and Guitars, a store that combines a typical firearm store with a high-end guitar retail store.

Pantera offers a selection of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, and has an online store with a variety of available items, including books, videos, knives, cases, gun parts and, of course, guitars.

In addition to its retail selection, Pantera offers weekly classes that provide the training needed to acquire a concealed-weapon permit in Florida. The staff also helps customize weapons and can arrange a firearms transfer.

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Ace’s Indoor Shooting Range

Ace’s Indoor Shooting Range is located in nearby Doral. At Ace’s, you can rent and purchase guns, take advantage of the gunsmith services or practice shooting at the range, which has 16 lanes and rates starting at $9 per hour. Firearm cleaning is also available.

In addition, Ace’s offers the Florida Class G firearms license. A 28-hour class is required to obtain the license, and the class fee is $240. A requalification class is also available. A concealed-weapons course is available, as well. The course is $85 and lasts 90 minutes. If need be, Ace’s can also notarize your documents.