Military Camps For Teens In California

Learning respect is a key component of military boot camps.

Today’s teens often are technologically advanced, smart and independent. Unfortunately, even the smartest kids can get caught up in the wrong crowd or become involved in situations that threaten their futures. Parents who have tried discipline, counseling and just about everything else often turn to military boot camps to try to instill a sense of responsibility and respect in their teens. The state of California offers several options.

Camp Recovery

For a teen who needs to focus on overcoming an addiction, the Camp Recovery facility offers a 12-step recovery plan. The focus of the program is building self-esteem and keeping a highly structured environment. There is a special area for kids who need to detox, and a professional nursing staff is on duty. The camp offers options for full-time or part-time care.

Odyssey Wilderness Programs

Odyssey is located in Joshua Tree, near Palm Springs. The camp employs a wilderness therapy approach, using positive reinforcement and experiences to build confidence in teens. A field therapist is assigned to help support the family unit while the teen is at the camp. The therapist also works to strengthen the family and help the child understand how best to transition back to his normal life after the program ends.

Camp Wilmont Sweeney

The state of California runs this program in San Leandro for kids who have been in serious trouble. It is an alternative to detention in a more formal penal institution. Stays can range from a few months to a few years. The facility is for nonviolent teens, whose activities are monitored at all times. Campers are provided with counseling and activities to foster a sense of self worth. Parental management classes are offered to help the entire family.

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Outward Bound

Outward Bound offers several programs for at-risk teens. The program features four levels of programs. Intercept is designed to help inspire youth ages 12 to 17 who are not in serious trouble but might be showing signs that they will make poor decisions in the future. FINS is a program for teens and their families that is intended to encourage positive behavior in children. STEP is a more intensive program and is meant to rehabilitate teens instead of placing them in the juvenile detention system. Delta Centers are short-term, half-day events held in communities throughout the country that include wilderness training, service projects and family mediation.