Military Party Games For Kids

Attention! Military themes are popular party ideas for kids of all ages. Young boys are particularly fascinated with the dirt and danger of military life. Go beyond “Drill Sergeant Says” and tug-o-war to create a memorable experience that will be talked about for years to come. Kid-friendly war games, basic training exercises and skill tests can earn the children rank and cake at the end of the party. Does this Spark an idea?

Water War Games

Use aqua ammunition in these fast-paced war games. Blindfolded soldiers dodge water balloon mines in a large field. Water balloon grenades and water guns are used in all-out combat.

Make water war games even more interesting by adding food coloring to the water in the balloons and guns. Divide participants into two or more teams and furnish each team with different colored ammunition. Tape white paper to certain areas, such as the back, chest, shoulders or other “point” areas. When participants are hit, the color of the paper will reveal where they were shot and by whom.

Basic Training

Initiate recruits with a basic training inspired obstacle course. Have parents act as drill sergeants, patrolling the course and yelling encouragement. Each drill sergeant can carry a water gun or water balloon arsenal to tag cheaters or motivate participants to move faster through the course. Yell encouragement and motivation to participants.

The course should include a wide variety of physical activity, including balance, climbing, running, jumping, and endurance. Place a wide plank of wood across a kiddie pool full of water for one obstacle. Stack cement blocks or use sawhorses to create walls that participants must climb over. Set up a line of old tires that the kids must run through. Tape long poles across the tops of buckets and have them climb underneath. Have them scale a tree with a rope to ring a bell. Set up a rope swing over a large swimming pool filled with soft plastic balls. Have children weave between construction cones while balancing an egg on a spoon.

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Complement with other exercises, like jumping jacks and push-ups. Have them march around the course when they are finished.

Rank & Skills

Compete for rank upgrades in a physical fitness competition. Assign points for first, second and third place and keep track of who wins each activity. At the end, award rank to the winners in the form of decorated hats or plastic medals.

Competitions should include tests to find who can do the most jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, and who can run an obstacle course the fastest. Include a grenade toss where children throw empty plastic Easter eggs into a bucket that moves farther away from the child with each round. Test marksmanship with a water or paint gun. Have the children race.

Secret Missions

Kids battle adults to retrieve stolen supplies, including the cake and presents. Adults can hide clues around the party area for the children to find while adults lurk nearby with squirt guns to defend the loot. Have the children work together to navigate obstacles and find the hidden treasures.