Military Summer Camps For Kids

Military summer camps help kids learn leadership skills.

Summer provides children with a much-needed break from being cooped up indoors at school, and with all that energy balled up inside, why not let them enjoy exerting their energy while learning great outdoor and leadership skills at military camp? Many military academies offer great summer programs for kids interested in a military future or those who just want to be challenged outdoors with new skills. If you’re child expresses interest in these areas, consider the following camps that will equip your child with necessary challenges and skills that will shape the leader they will become.

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp provides boys the opportunity to be learn invaluable skills and challenges that will turn them from boys to young men. Throughout July, boys age 12-18 experience the “Carpe Diem” philosophy of the camp as they experience an authentic look at the traditions of the Marine Corps. Every camper learns the importance of the foundation of teamwork: trust and mutual respect. These traits come into play during activities such as the mud course, paintball competition, rifle range, boxing matches and the challenging “Iron Man” activity which combines 8-10 courses together into one giant challenge of strength, perseverance and determination. Retired marines and qualified coaches train campers in companies of 60-75, which split into platoons of 30-35 each led by a drill sergeant. At the end of the month, each camper leaves with confidence in themselves as they’ve grown as a team member and individual.

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

320 Iwo Jima Blvd

Harlingen, TX 78550

(956) 423-6006

The U.S. Army Cadet Corps‘ Military Adventure Camp

The U.S. Army Cadet Corps offers a state-of-the-art coed program during the summer to encourage U.S. Army Career Exploration. Only young adults seriously considering a career in the Army will be accepted. These young people, ranging from 13-18 years old, have the opportunity to participate in Basic Cadet Training (BCT) or the Basic Leader Course (BLC), but only if they have passed the BCT and have the title “Cadet.” The BCT course lasts two weeks and provides campers activities in rappelling, martial arts, marksmanship and a confidence course as well as learning history, rank structures and U.S. Army drill and ceremonies. Those who graduate from BCT who wish to continue growing have the chance to spend two to three intense weeks in the BLC. Here, each cadet will learn skills in leadership, risk management, procedures in leading a troop, field training, self defense and team-building activities. Along with these two courses, the Corps also offers Cadet Ranger School and a TACMAP Course during the summer.

The U.S. Army Cadet Corps’ Military Adventure Camp

Millersburg, KY, USA

Phone: (859) 484-2110

Oak Ridge Military Academy Summer Program

For a more traditional camp experience that still holds to its military structure, Oak Ridge has what you need. Oak Ridge Military Academy allows kids age 5-18 to enjoy either a summer day camp program or overnight camp experience. The Leadership Adventure camp, offered in three separate two-week sessions, challenges kids from 6th to12th grade to learn leadership skill through adventure, fitness and other activities including team sports, obstacles courses and marksmanship. The day camp allows kids to jump right into the fun, with sports activities in swimming, martial arts, archery and more as well as the chance to experience hiking and wilderness skills for older day campers.

Oak Ridge Military Academy

2317 Oak Ridge Road

Oak Ridge, NC 27310

(336) 643-4131