Military Summer Camps Near Kentucky


There are several military summer camps located near the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Some camps focus on basic cadet training with a focus on accountability, leadership, and teamwork. Others have an academic focus, some of which incorporate adventure or sports activities. The military summer camps are designed for middle school to high school students, some admitting only high school students.

US Army Cadet Corps’ Military Adventure Camp


The Military Adventure Camp’s website describes itself as the “most realistic and challenging military training camp.” This co-ed camp is for applicants ranging in age from 13 to 18. The camp is held at the National Cadet Training Center in Millersburg, Kentucky. They have two-, four-, and six-week training programs. The fees to attend range from $1,950 to $4,950. The two-week program teaches drills and ceremonies associated with the military, marksmanship and martial arts. This program is often referred to as “boot camp,” and has a focus on accountability and teamwork. The four-week program is a combination of the basic cadet training and the basic leadership course (this can be taken separately, in a three-week span). The leadership course teaches enrollees be leaders using procedures necessary to lead troops, the skill of determining risk, field training, accuracy in shooting skills, self-defense and team-building activities. The six-week course is referred to as the “ultimate military adventure.” This course includes basic and advanced training, team leadership skills, career exploration, and one week focusing on military martial art. Additional programs are available.

U.S. Army Cadet Corps

1122 Main Street

Millersburg, Kentucky 40348

(866) GO-CADETS, Ext. 851

Hargrave Military Youth Summer School and Camp

Canoeing is part of the adventure package

Academic courses for students in seventh through twelfth grade are the focus at Hargrave. The courses may be for enrichment or new courses to help enrollees graduate earlier. They also offer courses for remediation. This program allows students to attend adventure camp or one of eight sports camps. Hiking boots are suggested for participants attending the adventure training camp. Sports activities offered include football, basketball, swimming, wrestling, golf, tennis, lacrosse and weight lifting. The cost of boarding school students is $3,750 and includes the price of the room, uniforms, laundry, meals, book rentals and the sports activities. The adventure activities are available for an additional fee and include canoeing, white-water rafting, rappelling towers and marksmanship. Students attending summer camp are expected to attend all worship services. The services are geared toward the Baptist faith and Christian spirituality. Approved applicants who remit their enrollment fees by June 21, are eligible for a $250 reduction.

Hargrave Military School

200 Military Drive

Chatham, Virginia 24531

(434) 432-2481

Oak Ridge Military Academy

Paintball is part of the leadership adventure camp

Oak Ridge offers a summer Academic Camp and a Leadership Adventure Camp. The Academic Camp is designed for high school students entering ninth through twelfth grades. There are a variety of classes offered and students may take either two remediation classes or one accelerated class. Enrollees may take an additional accelerated class provided they have prior approval from the dean. There are three sessions and three pricing options for the Academic Camp. Students may take day courses but reside at home, board for five days (Sunday evening through Friday afternoon), or sign up for seven-day boarding. Fees range from $1,100 to $4,475. The pricing structure includes lunch for day students and all meals for five- and seven-day boarders. Seven-day boarder fees include weekend activities. Additionally, fees cover all required clothing, except four pairs of khaki shorts and one pair of khaki pants, which participants are asked to supply. Students enrolled in the Leadership Adventure Camp also are expected to provide their own khaki shorts and pants. Other required clothes will be included in the tuition costs. The price of this camp is $1,950 and includes seven-day room/board, food, and activities. The Leadership Adventure Camp is open to incoming sixth through twelfth grade students. Leadership camp courses include navigation and confidence training, drill and ceremony, marksmanship, paintball, rappelling, and team-building games and activities.

Oak Ridge Military Academy

2317 Oak Ridge Rd.

Oak Ridge, NC 27310

(336) 643-4131