Minnesota Laws On Radar Guns

Possession of radar guns is legal in Minnesota.

Whether you’re clocking the speed of traffic on your street or measuring pitch speeds at the ballpark, a radar gun helps give a glimpse into the world of motion and physics around you. Although they’re a tool for the curious and armchair highway patrol members, radar guns are a perfectly legal device in Minnesota.

Possession and Use of Radar Guns

No Minnesota law prohibits the possession or use of radar guns by civilians, so owning and operating one while driving, on roadsides or from any other public place is acceptable. Having a radar gun doesn’t provide citizens with license to write citations or otherwise impersonate police or assume their responsibilities. In some cases, operating a radar gun in the vicinity of a police officer using one may interfere with the accuracy of his readings. While it’s not illegal, it’s certainly not smiled upon by authorities.

Detecting Radar Guns

Many drivers employ radar guns in order to detect the use of radar guns by police. These devices are legal in Minnesota, although driving laws prohibit attaching anything to the inside of your windshield. Radar detectors must be set on the dash, clipped to sun visors or placed in another spot not on the windshield.

Federal law prohibits the use of radar-gun detecting equipment inside commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight above 10,000 lbs.

Jamming Radar Guns

Various active-jamming and passive-jamming devices are available for drivers who want to avoid detection by radar guns. Passive jammers add noise and distortion to a radar gun’s channel in hope of confusing the radar gun, while active jammers modify the radar signal itself. Active jammers are prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission, and their use may result in up to a $75,000 fine.

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