Mod A Nerf Gun

Mod a Nerf Gun

A Nerf gun is designed to imitate the firepower of real weapons while providing a safe experience through soft projectiles that can not hurt anyone. You can modify, or “mod,” a Nerf Nightfinder gun so that the projectiles will hurl from the gun with greater force. You will need to partially disassemble the Nerf Nightfinder, voiding any return warranty that might be in place. Ask for help from an adult if you are underage since you must use a cutting tool to modify the Nerf Nightfinder.


1. Place the Nerf Nightfinder on a table with the barrel facing to the right.

2. Remove all of the screws from the Nerf Nightfinder with the Phillips screwdriver in the following order: The screws from the top left, right and middle edge; the screws surrounding the trigger guard; the screw at the back edge below the pull-out rod; the screws from the handle; the screws at the front of the barrel; and the screws from the top and bottom of the flashlight plate directly beneath the barrel.

3. Pull the top cover plate of the Nerf Nightfinder off the bottom cover plate with your fingers. Place the top cover plate aside. Place the screws aside.

4. Remove the black screws from the upper right edge and middle bottom edge of the cylinder inside of the bottom cover plate with the Phillips screwdriver.

5. Remove the pull-out rod from the right side of the cylinder with your fingers. Place the pull-out rod on the newspaper with the pointed end facing to the right.

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6. Remove the pointed end from the pull-out rod with your fingers. Remove the spring and cap that is attached to the circular plate inside the pointed end. Dispose of the spring and cap.

7. Pull the circular plate out of the pointed end with your fingers. Break off the plastic rod attached to the circular plate with your fingers. Dispose of the plastic rod.

8. Cut out a hole in the circular plate with the blade of the utility knife. Dispose of the cut out plastic.

9. Place the circular plate back onto the pointed end with your fingers. Place the pointed end back onto the pull-out rod. Place the pull-out rod back into the cylinder. Reattach the screws.

10. Place the top cover plate back onto the bottom cover plate. Reattach the screws.

11. Go outside in your backyard. Pull the pull-out rod at the back of the Nerf Nightfinder to cock the firing mechanism. Place a Nerf foam ball into the barrel. Aim at a tree or rock. Press the trigger to propel the Nerf foam ball at the tree or rock with greater force than would have been the case before the Nerf Nightfinder gun was modified.