Mod The Tippmann A5

Using mods on the Tippmann A5 can increase performance.

The Tippmann A5 was designed to provide good performance right out of the box but can be modified for higher performance along with many other paintball markers. Modifications can range from lower-priced changes — adding a remote line — to more expensive changes — adding an aftermarket barrel. When modifying the Tippmann A5, it is important to consider safety precautions. Always ensure that the air source is disconnected and the paintball marker is empty when working on it.


Aftermarket Barrel

1. Remove the stock barrel by twisting it counterclockwise from the Tippmann A5. Separate the barrel from the Tippmann A5 and set the barrel off to the side. An aftermarket barrel will make the Tippmann A5 shoot longer and more accurately.

2. Place a drop of paintball marker oil on the o-ring of the aftermarket barrel. This will help ensure that the o-ring remains lubricated and keeps a tight seal with the Tippmann A5.

3. Screw the aftermarket barrel into Tippmann A5 using a clockwise motion. Be careful to not over tighten the barrel.

Aftermarket Stock

4. Remove two screws from the left side of the body of the Tippmann A5. They are located at the rear of the marker near where the stock will attach. They can be removed by hand and do not require tools.

5. Pull out the end cap from the rear of the paintball marker body. The end cap was held in place by the screws that were removed in the previous step. Do not remove the spring that was covered by the end cap.

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6. Place the stock on the body of the Tippmann A5. The stock fits into the location where the end cap was removed. Ensure that the stock is inserted as far as possible.

7. Replace the two screws into the body of the Tippmann A5. These screws hold the stock to the paintball marker.

Remote Line

8. Attach the end of the remote line to the air source adapter of the Tippmann A5. The air source adapter is the fitting that is used to attach an air source. Only one end of the remote line will fit into the air source adapter. It should be screwed in snugly but not forced.

9. Connect the other end of the remote line to the air source that is being used to power the paintball marker. The air source will screw into the remote line and should fit snugly, but not forced.

10. Place the air source tank into a bottle harness. A bottle harness is typically worn on a belt and is used to hold the air source on the paintball player rather than on the paintball marker. This increases mobility and decreases the weight of the paintball marker.

11. Twist the knob on the remote line when the paintball marker is ready for use. The knob is used to open a valve and allow the gas to move from the air source to the Tippmann A5.

Double Trigger

12. Detach the trigger frame from the Tippmann A5 by removing the two push pins located on the left side of the body. These push pins are on the trigger frame. One pushpin is located below the N on the Tippmann logo, and the other push pin is at the rear of the marker.

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13. Detach the gas line tank adapter from the trigger frame by removing the screw on the bottom of the left side of the trigger frame. This is the lowest screw on the trigger frame. Use the tools that come with the Tippmann A5 to remove this screw.

14. Detach the trigger frame from the body of the Tippmann A5 by pushing the safety button toward the left side. The trigger frame pulls away from the Tippmann A5. Separate the two halves of the trigger frame at this point.

15. Pull out the trigger guard from the trigger frame. This piece simply lifts out. The trigger guard is the part that is used to protect the fingers. Replace the trigger guard with the new double trigger guard.

16. Install the double trigger assembly in the trigger frame. Pull out the existing trigger assembly, and replace it with the double trigger assembly. The double trigger assembly fits into the same location. The assembly is one piece and includes the trigger.

17.Reassemble the Tippmann A5. Recombine the two halves of the trigger frame and place it onto the body of the Tippmann A5. Move the safety to the right side of the body and reattach the gas line tank adapter. Screw the gas line tank adapter into place. Replace the two lower receiver push pins.