Modify A 10shot Nerf Gun

Nerf” brand guns are harmless toys since they “fire” safe, foam darts as opposed to hard projectiles. You can modify (or “mod,” as it is more commonly called) a 10-shot Nerf Raider CS-35 gun so that it will fire the darts farther. A few tools commonly found around the house are all that will be needed. Adult supervision is mandatory if a child is involved in the “mod” because a power drill must be used.


1. Place the Nerf-brand Raider CS-35 gun on a table with the barrel pointing to the left. Remove the three screws from the handle with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screws from just beneath the tip of the barrel at the front, above the hammer at the back and to the right of the trigger guard with the Phillips screwdriver. Pull the brown-colored tube out from the back of the gun with your fingers.

2. Remove the eight remaining exposed screws from the gun — there will be a total of 14 screws in all. Place the screws in a paper cup to keep them safe until reassembly time.

3. Remove the cover plate from the gun and set it aside. Grip the end of the spring that is on the orange-colored tube at the top edge of the gun. Pull the spring off the tube and out of the gun. Pull the plastic clamp at the end of the tube off with your fingers. Pull the plunger out from inside the tube. Remove the plastic tube and the attached metal rod from the gun.

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4. Remove the plastic guide rail that is covering the white tab. Pull the white tab out of the rifle. Press down on the bottom of the tab until it is forced towards the other end. Return the tab to its original position on the gun.

5. Hold the plastic tube by one end. Insert the rotating drill bit of the power drill into the hole at one end of the tube. Rotate the drill bit around the inside of the hole to drill out the size of the hole. Repeat this procedure at the other end of the plastic tube. Blow out both ends of the plastic tube with bursts of compressed air.

6. Locate the small hole in the side of the tube. Cover the hole with a strip of duct tape. Grip the spring from both ends and pull it outward. Hold the stretched spring for 20 seconds before releasing it. Wrap a strip of duct tape around the back end of the plunger.

7. Reverse the disassembly process to return the tube, plunger and spring to the gun. Place the cover back on and reattach the screws.