Modify A Paintball Gun

Paintball is a game of speed and accuracy, which the onboard air canister makes almost impossible. Converting the paintball gun to a remote air canister is a great option that balances the paintball gun and make long days of playing more comfortable. Making this modification is straight forward if you know the tricks to making it work.


1. Remove the air canister from the back of the paintball gun by sliding the air clip back and separating the pieces. Note the size of the universal fill adaptor or take it with you to ensure you select the right hose.

2. Select a coiled hose to minimize the occurrence of getting tangled in brush or obstacles during game play. Purchase the adaptors that fit your equipment and insert the fittings into the hose ends and clamp them into place.

3. Decide where you would like to place the slide check valve and cut the hose. Install the valve by inserting the ends of the hose into the valve and clamping them tightly. This allows you to turn off the airflow between games.

4. Connect the hose to the universal fill adaptor and remote air bottle. Dry test the system to ensure there are no leaks in any of the connections before taking the paintball gun into battle.

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