Modify Air Guns

Modify Air Guns

Air guns are available in a wide variety of models from many different manufacturers. From companies such as Beeman and Crossman which specialize in air guns to Sig and H&K which also manufacture firearms, there are many companies producing airguns today. There are also many options and accessories available for modifying an air gun.


1. Determine the type of air gun to be modified. Air guns are divided into rifles and pistols and may further be classified depending on the type of air supply, single shot or semi automatic, or by ammunition such as BB or pellet. Depending on the type of air gun, there are many different accessories available for modification.

2. Consider the use of the air gun. If the air gun is a rifle, for example, and will be used for paper target shooting, focus on modifying the gun to be more accurate and oriented toward target shooting. Consider adding a specialized air gun scope, muzzle brake, and bi pod. These will allow for modifying the rifle to be more accurate, provide less muzzle jump, and give a sturdy platform for shooting.

3. Modify military style air guns with accessories and parts which maintain the theme or design of the gun. There are, for example, a wide variety of highly accurate scopes and laser sights which are detailed copies of actual military accessories. Slings, iron sights, Trijicon replacement sights, and other modifications add realism, value, and accuracy to air guns.

4. Consider converting an air gun from CO2 cartridge use to larger tank use when applicable. Some air guns offer the ability to switch from cartridges which are limited in use to higher capacity tanks. Consult owners manuals and on line resources such as Pyramid Air for more information.

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5. Follow all directions of accessories and modification parts closely. If at any point the project becomes too involved or technical do not hesitate to take the air gun to a shop or store which specializes in air gun or firearm repair. Remember, many air guns have the power of small caliber firearms and any modifications must be performed to strict guidelines.