Modify An Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft guns are plastic models of real weapons that propel small plastic BBs. Popular for recreational target practice and war games, Airsoft has inspired an entire class of hobbyists looking to expand the possibility of the replica toys. Modifying an Airsoft pistol to hold a larger capacity of BBs is the most common change made, allowing for longer sessions without reloading, which is a tedious process. Follow these steps to up your clip size from 15 to nearly 80.


1. Remove the magazine from the Airsoft gun. Typical designs have a release button on the left face of the gun (when looking down the barrel), immediately behind the trigger.

2. Unscrew the cap piece on the bottom of the clip. Depending on the individual gun, a proper screwdriver may be as small as that from a glasses repair kit. Beware that the spring and a flat piece of plastic that pushes the BBs up (the loading plate) will pop out as you remove the cap. Do not lose any pieces.

3. Remove the two screws on the side of the clip and force it open. After the two screws have been removed, a stiff, flat edge should give you enough leverage to pop the clip open.

4. Remove the metal weight. To one side of the clip’s interior you will see a seemingly useless hunk of metal. It is, in fact, useless, in place only to give some heft to the gun and make it feel heavier in your hands. Pull it out.

5. Cut an extended groove for the spring and loading plate. Down the passage the BBs are loaded into you will see a notch on the outside wall. This is where the loading plate catches, indicating that the gun cannot be loaded any further. Using the file, extend this groove by about 1/8 inch.

6. Reinsert the loading plate and spring, then draw back to the maximum depth. Mark the new place where the loading plate and spring stop. Remove the spring and loading plate again.

7. Cut a hole in the passage wall large enough to accommodate a BB. This hole will be on the opposite wall from where the loading plate notch was extended. The hole will create a passage between the spring-loading compartment and the open area where the metal weight once sat.

8. Reinsert the spring and close up the gun. Operation complete. Go ahead and test it out. With BBs filling in the empty cavity where the weight once sat, you should be able to easily triple the cartridge capacity of your Airsoft pistol.