Mongoose Paintball Gun Instructions

Mongoose paintball guns should be used in accordance to the rules of the playing field.

The Mongoose paintball gun, also known as a marker, is an air gun that uses gas, such as compressed air, to force paintballs through the barrel to fire at an opposing team when playing paintball. Mongoose paintball guns are created by Diablo Paintball. The Mongoose paintball gun has a 21-ball per second cycling rate, making it the fastest paintball gun for its price range of $100 to $200. The Mongoose paintball gun should be handled in a safe manner at all times. Like a real gun, it can accidentally fire, causing injuries and accidents.


Battery Installation

1. Turn off the Mongoose paintball gun by switching the On/Off switch on the left side of the marker to “Off.”

2. Unscrew the three Grip Panel Screws and open the battery compartment. Remove the old battery and insert a new 9 volt battery.

3. Move the On/Off switch to “On” and look for the LED light to come on. The light indicates that the battery is good and installed correctly.

4. Turn the gun back “Off” and put the battery compartment door back on. Replace the three Grip Panel Screws. Make sure you do not pinch any wires when replacing the compartment door, as this could cause damage to the lines leading to the circuit board.

Loading and Firing Paintballs

5. Push the On/Off switch to “Off”.

6. Open the cap to the hopper. The hopper is the plastic container that holds the paintballs. Fill the hopper with paintballs and close the lid tightly.

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7. Increase or decrease the velocity of the paintballs by turning the Velocity Adjuster clockwise to increase and counter-clock wise to decrease. Check with the employees of the range you will be playing on to find out what the required velocity is. Never fire paintballs at a velocity in excess of 300 feet per second. This is dangerous and can cause damage to the gun.

8. Switch the gun to the “On” position, aim the barrel at the target and pull the firing trigger to shoot. Return the gun to the “Off” position when done playing and hold the gun so that the hopper is upside down. This will help to ensure that paintballs are not accidentally fired.