Mount A Gun Case

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), also known as quads, are powerful vehicles designed to handle difficult terrains, allowing them to navigate trails with ease. ATVs can support one or two riders, and also provide ample space for the addition of storage compartments on the vehicle to allow you bring gear with you on your. One such case is a hard gun case which can be mounted on your ATV with a mounting assembly and used to keep your firearm with you.


1. Position the mounting assembly on the ATV where you wish it to be installed. Your gun case will be secured on the plastic at the rear of the ATV. The exact positioning of it is up to you based on personal taste, where you sit when riding, and the size and shape of your case.

2. Mark the locations where bolts will be required to secure your mounting assembly. Instructions for the assembly can assist with this, however you will be looking to mark through the holes for bolts in the assembly after you have positioned the assembly as desired.

3. Remove the assembly and drill holes for the mounting bolts.

4. Place the assembly back in place, and secure it using the mounting bolts, fastened with your socket wrench.

5. Insert the gun case into the mounting assembly.

6. Secure any clips or straps to the case if your assembly features them.

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