Mount A Gun Scope

There are different types of rifle scopes and different ways to mount them. Make sure your choice of rifle scope is appropriate for your needs. Some are more appropriate for target shoot–some more for hunting. Whichever type of scope you choose, solid mounting is paramount in delivering accurate, reliable shots.



1. Have your rifle professionally drilled and tapped to mount a rail if it is not already. Some rifles come ready for scope mounting. If not, yours needs to be modified.

2. Determine the diameter of your scope tube. Most come in one inch or 30mm. Purchase scope rings appropriate for your rifle and mounting system. A professional gunsmith can help you figure this out. Rings are marketed in categories and can be ordered or purchased directly based on your rifle model and tube size.

3. Acquire a scope mounting rail that fits your rifle model or the configuration you have had the rifle drilled and tapped. There are different types of rails. A classic Weaver-style rail offers versatility in changing scopes later.

4. Mount the scope rail firmly on your rifle using the correct screwdriver(s) or wrenches. Allen wrenches are frequently packaged with mounting rings.

5. Affix the bottom portions of scope rings onto the rail. This may require a screwdriver or Allen wrenches depending on the rings you’ve chosen.

6. Place your scope onto the mounting rings. Make sure your scope is facing the correct direction. If you look through the scope and everything looks tiny, turn it around the other way. Place the top portions of rings over the scope and loosely affix to the lower ring sets using the Allen wrench. Tighten them enough to be somewhat snug, but loose enough you can slide the scope within the rings.

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7. Shoulder the rifle and check to make sure you are comfortable with the eye relief. This might require you move the scope forward or rearward to see through it well. When the eye relief is set, make sure your crosshairs are perfectly vertical and horizontal. Verify your relief is still good and tighten the ring set.