Mount A Scope On A Benjamin 392

Mount a Scope on a Benjamin 392

The Benjamin 392 is single shot air rifle that shoots .22 caliber pellets. This powerful air rifle has a muzzle velocity of up to 685 feet per second and is very accurate. You can attach a scope to the rifle using the mounts on the rifle’s barrel. However, the action of the rifle is not designed to accommodate scopes and needs to remain clear of the air pump on the rifle. The mounts will accommodate 11mm scope bases, commonly used on air rifles and .22 LR rifles. Before mounting a scope to your Benjamin air rifle, make sure that the gun is unloaded.


Scope Mounting

1. Unscrew the retaining screws of your scope rails with the small screwdriver and separate the halves.

2. Place the rail mounts over the rifle’s barrel and screw them back together. Space the mounts in accordance with the distance between the rings on your scope.

3. Place the edges of the bases of your scope rings in the grooves along the top of the rail mounts. Tighten the scope ring retention screws.

Sighting in your Scope

4. Prepare a target at a range of approximately 50 feet. Aim your rifle at the target so that the scope crosshairs are aligned with the center of the target and shoot at least three pellets.

5. Examine your target for the location of the shot group (where your pellets hit the target) and mark it with the piece of tape.

6. Determine the correction needed to “move” the shot group to the center of the target and adjust your scope accordingly. For example, if the shot group is low and to the left than the scope cross-hairs must be moved up and to the right. The scope’s vertical adjustment dial is on top of the scope and the horizontal adjustment dial is on the right hand side.

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7. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with your shot placement.