Mount A Scope On A Remington Sps

The Remington 700 SPS rifle is a bolt-action hunting rifle featuring a strong synthetic stock. The advantage of having a rifle with a synthetic stock is that it is resistant to even the harshest weather conditions. The rifle is drilled and tapped for quick installation of scope bases. A duel-dovetail scope-mount system is recommended for securing a scope to your Remington 700 SPS rifle


1. Inspect your rifle by opening the action and making sure it is unloaded.

2. Unscrew the four plug-screws located on top of the rifle using a slotted screwdriver. The screws are located in front of and behind the ejection port.

3. Place the scope-mounts on the rifle. Align the holes in the mounts with the rifle’s screw holes. Secure the mounts to the rifle with the supplied screws.

4. Place the bases of the scope-rings into the holes located on top of the mounts; the rings should sit parallel to the rifle barrel.

5. Rotate the rings 90 degrees into their final position. The rings will lock into place.

6. Remove the top halves of the scope-rings with the supplied Allen wrench. Place your scope in position and put the tops back on. Do not completely tighten the rings.

7. Position the scope as desired and finish tightening the rings.

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