My Airsoft Gun Stops Working After Firing

If your Airsoft gun stops working, don’t panic, just follow a few simple steps.

Airsoft guns come in several different varieties, with some using compressed CO2, others using springs, and others using electricity to fire off BBs. If your gun stops working after a few shots, then chances are you haven’t bought a lemon, you just need to make some checks and perform some routine maintenance.


1. Charge your battery fully. Electric Airsoft guns use batteries to power the motors that shoot out the BBs, and if the power in the batteries is low, the motors will run slowly or not run at all. Fully charge the battery before attempting to fire your Airsoft gun, and remember that, depending on the model, they may not last that long. If this doesn’t work or your Airsoft isn’t electric, proceed to Step 2.

2. Fill the magazine. Many Airsoft guns, particularly rifles that fire in bursts, use a magazine that feeds BBs into a hopper that send them into the barrel. If the magazine is low, the BBs may not be properly fed into the gun’s mechanisms and as such you’ll just be firing blanks. Keep the magazine full to ensure your gun fires a BB every time.

3. Clean and lubricate the gun properly. Even small traces of dirt or grime either in the magazine or in the barrel can prevent BBs from shooting out. The gun should be cleaned after every bag of BBs (400 to 500 rounds) with special cleaning fluid (usually alcohol) and cotton swabs. A clean and lubricated barrel will shoot BBs out much easier.

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4. Replace the CO2 cartridge if you’re using a gas-powered gun. The compressed CO2 is used to quickly push a BB through the barrel. If the cartridge is running low, there won’t be as much force behind the shot and if it runs empty there will be no shot at all.