My Paintball Gun Is Leaking Co2

Repair a leaking O-ring to solve air-leak issues.

Paintball is a game played with paintball marking guns that fire round paint-filled balls. Initially, paintball markers were used for tasks such as marking trees in logging operations. The guns were adapted for use in a tag-like game and have continued to evolve into refined guns capable of automatic firing. Paintball guns require a compressed air or gas source to propel the paint balls. Resolving air leaks can often be accomplished by replacing a part.


1. Unload the paintball gun by removing the paintball hopper and removing any paintball ammunition from the gun.

2. Remove the air cylinder from the paintball gun. Point the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger to make sure all air pressure is released from the gun.

3. Turn the gun so the tank valve is easily accessible. Locate the O-ring located just inside the end of the tank valve assembly.

4. Remove the O-ring by pulling it from the tank valve and discard it.

5. Obtain a suitable replacement O-ring for the paintball gun. Apply lithium grease to the new O-ring for lubrication. Use only enough lithium grease to lightly coat the O-ring.

6. Install the new O-ring into the tank valve. Securely seat the O-ring in the indention designed to hold it in place inside the tank valve of the paintball gun.

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