Nascar Rumble Games

Rumble through a race-car style game.

Many NASCAR-theme games have been released on video game consoles since 1985. The games involve a classic arcade game format of quick-start racing with little RPG style development, such as in other “NASCAR” games or racing games such as the “Gran Turismo” series. Players collect power-ups and cars to help them along the way.


“NASCAR Rumble” is a game for the PlayStation, released by developer Electronic Arts in 2000. The track-style racing game involves a series of races against several opponents in stock-cars. The game was affiliated with the NASCAR Series and inspired by the culture of stock-car racing, but not the continuous round circuits that are synonymous with NASCAR and dramatized in such films as “Days of Thunder” and “Talladega Nights.” The game includes 18 different courses across six different locations, and collectable “power-ups” to help the players along the way.

Rumble Racing

“Rumble Racing” is an unofficial sequel to the game released by Electronic Arts on the PlayStation 2 format. It was released in 2001, and did not carry the name of the NASCAR racing series because Electronic Arts did not acquire the licensing rights to use the brand name. “Rumble Racing” has three car classes, a racing track full of shortcuts, track battles and a championship mode where you unlock tracks and new cars.

Bonus Modes, Hidden Cars and Cheat Codes

To unlock Pro Mode in “NASCAR Rumble,” complete the six main series and the EA cup in Rookie Mode. To unlock Elite Mode, complete the six main series and the EA cup in Pro Mode.

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Hidden car “Wrench” symbols can be found in “NASCAR Rumble,” including the Chicken Truck in the chicken hut on “Fowl Play”; the Hotrod off the blocked off-ramp on “Night Flight”; and the Sprint Car on the left turn at the final shortcut on “Dog Tired.”

To unlock all cars and locations in “NASCAR Rumble,” enter C9P5AU8NAA as a password. To unlock the Elite class, enter KMZWA8AWAA as a password. This will unlock everything in Elite mode, and also unlock the hidden FMV sequence.