Nerf Dart Gun Games

Many children love nerf guns, but they can be fun for adults too!

Nerf guns can provide hours of fun for children, but this fun can be easily multiplied through the use of organized games. Safe, fun, supervised games ensure that players can enjoy themselves without experiencing the chaos of an all-out nerf gun war. Organized nerf gun games are also a great way to foster friendly competition and teamwork in young children.

Target Practice

Print out or draw a target, and use tape to stick it to a wall. To make this game more fun, you can add different point values for different areas on the target, so that players have special areas to aim at. Players should stand in line and take turns shooting at the target from about ten yards away. Have one person sit to the side and record each participant’s total score, based on the targets he hits. After each player takes five shots, total the scores and announce your winner.

Capture The Flag

For this game, you will need nerf guns, cones, two tennis balls, a medium-sized lawn, at least 6 participants, and one referee. Split the lawn down the middle using cones, Create a small square of cones about 3×3 feet at each end of the field (one square in each half). Place one tennis ball (this will be your “flag”) in each of the squares. Split your participants into two teams of equal number; each team will have to defend its tennis ball while simultaneously attempting to steal the other team’s ball. Players cannot shoot across the halfway line and cannot be shot in their own half of the field. However, if a player enters the other team’s half, he may be shot at. If he is hit, he is “out” and must drop his weapon and move to the sideline. If he makes it to the square containing the flag, he is considered “safe” and cannot be shot as long as he is in this square. To receive one point, he must bring the tennis ball back to his side without getting shot. If all players on one team get tagged and are “out,” the opposing team receives one point. The game ends when one team amasses five points.


This game can be played with either two players or full teams. Split the field down the middle using cones. Team members may stand anywhere within their zone, but they must face opposite the other team (not being able to see the enemy is crucial to this game). Flip a coin to decide which team fires first. When it is the first team’s turn to fire, all members of the opposing team must yell “battleship!”. Using their ears, the first team must hit their opponents by firing their Nerf guns ONCE without turning around. Anybody who gets hit by a Nerf bullet (including by friendly fire!) is now out of the game. Once the first team is done firing, they are given ten seconds to move around within their zone as they please, as long as they continue to face away from the other team. Once the ten seconds are up, they must freeze and shout “battleship”. The second team is given a chance to fire in the same fashion that the first team was. Repeat this procedure until all players on one side are eliminated, at which point the other team wins.