Nerf Dartboard Instructions

A Nerf dartboard provides a safe alternative to a conventional board.

Kids shoot Nerf guns at houses, windows, walls, lamps and televisions, but mostly at each other. Hasbro’s Nerf N-Strike Tech Target provides a safe alternative to a conventional dartboard. This electronic board comes in a kit with one gun and three darts. Play one of three games alone or with a friend. Enjoy shooting darts and improving target skills with this soft dartboard game.


1. Open the compartment on the back of the board with a Phillips screwdriver. Insert three AA batteries in the configuration indicated in the battery diagram, and close the compartment. Hang the board from a nail, or lean it back against a steady surface.

2. Push a dart into the front of the gun, and pull back on the top. The gun is now ready to fire.

3. Turn on the game by sliding the switch on the front of the board near the bottom to the “On” position. The board automatically starts Game One. Push the “Mode” button, located on the front of the board near the bottom, to choose Game Two or Game Three.

4. Move back and face the target. To shoot the dart, aim and pull the trigger on the gun. Load another dart to shoot again.

5. Hit the correct zone to score in game one. If the game calls out “zone one,” hit the outside ring. If it calls “zone two,” hit the middle ring. Aim for the center if you hear “zone three.” The score will light up on the front of the board at the end of the game.

6. Hit the correct number in Game Two. The game calls out “four,” “eight” or “20.” Aim and shoot the ring of the corresponding number to earn points. The scoreboard automatically shows the total points.

7. Load a dart and pull the trigger three times to score points in Game Three. Hit closer to the middle to receive more points. The board counts the points and displays the total on the front.